Tom Ingvardsen

All main images on cphdialogue's website has been created by the Danish photographer Tom Ingvardsen in and around Copenhagen.

I have known Tom for several years now. He has worked as my lead photographer since I founded cphdialogue and even before that. Tom has also created the images for the Rockwool campaigns you find here.

Tom is a true artist behind a camera. He is one of the few who understand the fact that in photographic art, it's never about the subject, but always about the underlying compositional structure and how to capture the emotions and the intensity of that decisive or poignant moment in a glimpse. Tom follows his passion and excitement, whether it's street photography, portraits, architectural photography or conceptual photography. Tom has what separates great photographers from good photographers. His images always exude great understanding of, connection with and respect for the people, the environment and the subculture that he works with and thus tells a story with personality, depth and empathy. 

You can enjoy his work on

Flemming Kehr

Founder cphdialogue